One of the building products that we handle each and every day is lumber.  This core building product is needed on just about every construction job, and that is why we keep plenty of wood in stock.  Since we are able to purchase large amounts of wood, we save money.  But instead of keeping those savings, we pass it on to our well-deserving customers.  We always put our customers first here at Hassell Free, and it truly shows in our top-notch customer service.

We Work with Specialty Suppliers

If you are looking for specialty lumber, we have you covered.  Here at Hassell Free, we work with specialty lumber companies and can buy many different types of wood.  If you need cedar lumber or something more exotic, we can help.  In fact, we keep cedar wood in stock so that we can ship it out fast to you.  So if you have something special that you want to order, please let us know.  We are often able to locate hard to find lumbers quickly and within your schedule.  This will help you complete your job on time without having to worry about shipping delays.

We Have Competitive Prices on Lumber

Like we have already stated, we get a discount on buying wood.  This allows us to offer lumbers at competitive prices.  We realize that there are other companies that offer wood but it’s our promise to you that our prices will always be competitive.

Quick Delivery Service

One thing that we pride ourselves in the most is our quick delivery service.  Whether you are in Florida or in the Caribbean, we can quickly get your lumber to you.  Our freight and exporting services will work fast to fill your order and get you the wood you need to complete your job on time.  So if you need someone that you can trust to deliver your lumber when you need it, why not contact us?  We would be glad to help.  Just one phone call and we can have your lumber shipped out so that your project gets finished on time.

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