purchasing building supplies

Our purchasing services have helped countless of builders in the Caribbean in finding the materials they need to get their project off the ground.  We take pride in our ability to acquire hard to find building supplies to meet our customer’s needs.  When purchasing building supplies for our customers, we work hard to provide them with high-quality materials.  Our team of professional purchasing agents always put the customer first, and they work tirelessly to meet their needs.

Our Purchasing Ethics

Here at Hassell Free, we have a list of purchasing ethics that we always follow.  When purchasing building supplies, our team of professionals makes decisions based on our customer’s best interest.  Our team will negotiate the best possible price for our customers helping them reduce their overall costs. We strive to always meet your needs in a timely manner and deliver your building supplies on schedule.  We embrace new technologies which allow us to get your building supplies to you quicker, and with less worry on your end.

We Have the Experience You Need

Each member of our team has years of construction experience under their belts.  This experience gives us the knowledge needed to make accurate purchasing decisions that you can trust.  Since our employees have worked with these same materials in the past, they can help you determine which is the right one for you.  While we work hard to provide you with the most affordable building products, we never sacrifice quality.

We Operate Our Own Warehouse

Since the early years, we have always operated our own warehouse.  This allows us to store your building materials after the purchase, and deliver them to you only when you need them.  This also helps reduce overall costs by allowing you to make bulk purchases.  Having your materials safely stored in our warehouse will keep them safe too.  Storing materials on the job site can attract thieves, and put your materials at risk of damage.  So why not let us store them for you and deliver them only when you need them?  This will give you peace of mind knowing your building products are always cared for.

Your business will benefit by using our Services as we provide 15 years of experience in supplying the Caribbean with a wide selection of building products paired with a fast turnaround time. We can also minimize shipping costs with proper scheduling and consolidating.

Hassell Free Building Supplies & Exports stands heads above the rest, both local and abroad with:

Hands-on, construction-experienced employees to assure proper products and delivery times.

Our own Warehousing that includes scheduling, palletizing, consolidating and the loading of containers at no extra cost.

The above two benefits not only offer lower shipping costs, but help avoid the expensive problems that occur with shipping losses. Reducing construction delays from the delivery of wrong, broken, or missing items, as well as the building experience to know what all is needed and when, keeps a project running smoothly.

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Our Purchasing Ethics

As Your Purchasing Agent to the Caribbean we guide our work ethics by the following principles:

  • We make decisions in your best interest.
  • We will always involve the customer throughout the purchasing process.
  • We will never make price the only criterion in a purchasing decision. We take quality, delivery, and other criteria into consideration.
  • We will embrace change and new technologies rather than resist them.
  • We will negotiate with the understanding that there may someday need to be a close relationship with the supplier across the table.
  • We realize that it is a global economy and never make assumptions that we know every supplier available.
  • We will challenge ourselves to solve problems independently rather than involve our manager in tactical crises that can reasonably be resolved at the purchasing agent level.
  • We will commit to continuous improvement of our skills, never letting a year go by without learning new practices used by other purchasing agents.
  • We will always exceed expectations, consistently delivering more than anticipated.