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    Hassell Free has an extensive collection of floor, wall and pool tiles along with a beautiful selection of decorative backsplashes. We continually develop strong relationships with multiple manufacturers to get the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.

Hassell Free is proud to be a tile supplier in the Caribbean and beyond.  Our wide selection of tiles comes in many different textures, styles, colors, and materials.  We have some of the finest tiles on the market today.  From ceramic bathroom tiles to pool tiles, we have something for every building project.

We Work with Many Vendors as a Tile Supplier in the Caribbean

The reason we have such a wide selection of tiles is because we work with many different tile vendors from around the world.  We have a working relationship with these vendors which helps reduce the price for our customers. All of the vendors that we work with only supply the best quality tile products.  We strive to provide our customers with top-notch tile products for their building projects.

Tiles for All Applications

Whether you need commercial tiles for a hotel project or you just need some replacement tiles in your bathroom, we have the products for you.  Since we are a large tile supplier in the Caribbean, we can handle all your tile needs.  We keep in stock residential tiles, commercial tiles, and tiles for the hospitality industry.  This means that whatever your needs are, they can be meet quickly.  We are one of the world’s largest tile exporters to the Caribbean and surrounding regions.  Even if we do not carry the tile you are looking for, we can help you find it.  This is our promise to you.

Our Team Will Help You Choose

Are you having a difficult time trying to come up with a tile design for your next project?  If so, then you have come to the right place!  Our team of tile professionals will help you choose a tile design and arrange for shipping all in one day. This will allow you to quickly receive your tiles so that your building project stays on schedule.  We know that choosing a tile is difficult, this is why we work closely with our customers.  So if you are in need of tiles, why not give us a call today?  We would be glad to help you get started.

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Hassell Free introduces the latest made in Italy professional tile installation system.

The FlatLines system speeds and simplifies installation work to improve the finished job by ensuring flatness and providing uniform joints throughout any floor or wall surface, eliminating any “lippage”.

It’s simple…Single use spacer clips fit into grout spaces during installation to make small narrow grout lines.

We highly recommend the use of this product on larger format tiles. If you hire an installer, make sure you request they use this system to ensure a quality installation.


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