pool tile

Do you need pool tile for your next project?  If so, you have come to the right place.  Here at Hassell Free, we have a beautiful selection of pool tile to choose from.  Whether you are adding pool tile to your backyard pool or you are installing it in a hotel pool, our tiles are perfect for your project.  These colorful tiles will make your pool look its best, and help protect your liner for many years to come.

It Will Add Beauty to Any Pool

If your pool is ordinary looking, why not add some color by installing pool tiles?  Choose between a wide range of colors that will turn any regular pool into a work of art.  Decorative pool tiles are great for hotel properties and will help your hotel stand out from the rest.  A beautifully designed pool will have guests coming back year after to year.

Lots of Pool Tile to Choose From

We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of pool tiles in the Caribbean.  We have many different size tiles and a wide range of designs.  Our collection also includes tile trims and depth markers that will help make your pool safer for everyone.  No matter what type of pool tiles you are looking for, we can help.  Even if we do not carry your favorite tile, we can order it for you, and have it quickly delivered to you.

Let Us Help You Choose Pool Tile

Our team of tile professionals would love to help you choose your pool tiles.  We will guide you through the tile buying process and help you set up the shipment.  Our exporting service will quickly deliver your tiles just about anywhere in the world. After you have chosen your tile, we can refer you to an installer that will help you start the installation process.  All of the installers that we refer do top-notch work so you will never have to worry about quality.  If you are in the market for new pool tiles, please give us a call.  We look forward to help you choose the perfect pool tiles for your next project.


Hassell Free is a Proud Supplier of Tesoro’s Aquatica Pool Tile Collection


pool & spa

Aquatica line offers only the most comprehensive line of the latest and most stylish designs of pool & spa tiles in the country.



Choose from a wide variety of colorful tile trims and swimming pool safety signage, including depth safety marker tiles.


tile mosiacs

Our beautifully handcrafted pool tile mosaics will no doubt add dimension, color, and enjoyment for the lifetime of your pool or spa.



Our impressive collection of stone mosaics was created to deliver a bold, natural feel to your deck, pool or cabana bathroom.



Glass mosaics will add an immense beauty and appeal to any swimming pool, and will represent the most resilient of all pool and spa surfaces.


Customize the bottom of any pool or spa with Aquatica’s wide-range of tropical and pool-themed custom inserts and mosaics.

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