At Hassell Free Building Supplies and Exports, we are proud to offer our Caribbean customers warehousing services.  We understand that construction jobs get put on hold sometimes.  When this happens, building materials are often left exposed to the elements. This can cause major damage and loss of materials.  So instead of leaving your supplies out in the weather, why not let us store them for you?

We Ship When You’re Ready with Our Warehousing Services

Our warehousing service allows us to store all of your building supplies until you are ready for us to ship.  This keeps them safe from the elements and will reduce the chances of damage.  Also, your goods will be safe from the threat of potential theft that often occurs on job sites.  This will give you peace of mind knowing that your supplies are safe and sound.  Once you are ready for shipment, our staff will bundle your supplies together and ship them to the location of your choosing.  This is a very convenient service that many of our customers choose to use.

We Will Save You Money

Another way that warehousing can benefit your company is by saving you money.  When building supplies are purchased in bulk, they are often cheaper.  But most companies don’t have the room to store these items.  This is where we come in.  Once you purchase all of your building supplies, we can simply store them for you.  Our team of warehousing professionals will package your items together and keep them in a safe place until you get ready for them.  This will allow you to save money on supplies and reduce the overall cost of your project.

Reduced Shipping Costs

This service will consolidate your supplies and make them easier for shipping.  Once consolidated, your shipping costs will be much lower saving you, even more, money.  Many of our customers utilize this service each time they start a new project.  So if you have an upcoming construction project, why not let us help save you money?  This will take a load off of you knowing that you will save not only money but valuable time as well.


The benefits of using our warehousing service:

  • Minimal on-site storage needed which reduces threats of theft and product damage due to inclement weather.
  • Supplies are consolidated to reduce shipping costs.
  • Materials are purchased and staged to be shipped on your schedule.