Hassell Free Exports, Inc. has extensive experience in Caribbean construction.  We provide construction materials and supplies to projects throughout Caribbean. Hassell Free offers top-notch services that include purchasing, consolidating, warehousing and exporting construction and building materials.  Our company is a one-stop shop that can handle all your Caribbean building material needs for both large and small projects. Our Caribbean export service will containerize you building materials and ship them to you with Hassell Free Shipping, Inc., when you need your building materials and supplies.

We have been sourcing and exporting  construction materials since 1999.  Our experience in Caribbean construction began long before that. Our CEO is from the Caribbean where he began his career in the construction industry. He established both a construction company and a building supply company on the island of Saba.  Through that construction company, HES, we have experience in building medical schools, dormitories, lab buildings, cafeterias, boutique hotels, luxury homes, as well as various major renovation projects, including the local airport and hospital.  Those decades of building experience in the Caribbean place us in a unique position in Caribbean construction projects.  Caribbean building requires a specialized knowledge of the environment and materials and supplies that are suitable for use in the Caribbean.  We know the materials that work best in the Caribbean and we understand the needs of contractors in the Caribbean.

For more information please email us at info@hassellfree.com