Hassell Free Shipping offers specialized shipping to Saba.  Many items we ship are either not available locally or are online orders. If you are a Saban, medical student, or long term visitor to the island who enjoys shopping online or would like to have personal packages delivered to to you on island, Hassell Free is here for you.

You can have your packages, large or small, shipped directly to us. We collect all the orders, consolidate and containerize them and then ship them to the island every two weeks. Shipments coming from the United States are international shipments and therefore a Customs Duty (referred to as ABB tax) will be charged to you upon arrival of your packages.  You simply need to email of copies of your invoices for new goods and/or an inventory with values for used goods to us at shipping@hassellfree.com and homecentersaba@gmail.com

To send a package or an online purchase to someone on Saba, address the package as follows:

Name of Recipient on Saba
4407 SW Martin Highway
Palm City, FL 34990

For further information email us at shipping@hassellfree.com

Hassell Free Shipping, Inc. sends containers to Saba on a bi-weekly basis.  

Please remember that your packages and goods must arrive no later than 3:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to our Wednesday sailing. Our schedule for 2019 is below.