Construction projects require a wide array of building supplies.  Hassell Free offers a many different building materials to Caribbean contractors, homeowners and stores.  Our decades of experience in the specific needs of Caribbean construction places us in a unique position to source the right building materials for your project.  We source our materials from wholesalers that sell only quality products.  In addition to acting as your purchasing agent we also consolidate and ship your building supplies to you through Hassell Free Shipping, Inc.

Each and every product that we offer is of the highest quality.  Our team of professionals works hard to ensure that you only receive the best materials.  We work with some of the top vendors in the world, and we inspect all products before they reach you.  We take pride in the quality of products we sell and we stand by them 100%.  This will ensure your building projects are always built from top-notch materials. In addition to the specific products on the links below, we supply appliances, plumbing and electrical supplies, tools, PVC piping, hardware, HVAC products, dormitory and commercial furniture, commercial cabinet tops and much more.

 Please email us at info@hassellfree.com for further information about the products we can source for you.