Hassell Free has a beautiful selection of decorative tile for export to the Caribbean.  Our large vendor base allows us to provide our customers with a wide selection of decorative tiles at affordable rates.  We are one of the largest decorative tile suppliers in the Caribbean, and we are proud to serve the region.

We offer many different types of decorative listello, border, accent and insert tiles. Decorative tiles can be used anywhere in your home or commercial project.  Although most often used as back-splashes in the kitchen and bathroom, these tiles can be used on walls, floors, showers, and even outdoor areas.  The styles of tile range from traditional, imprinted and exotic to contemporary designs.  Decorative tile comes in various patterns and materials such as mosaics of glass, stone, pebbles, natural stone, medallions borders, inserts, accent pieces and much more.  No matter what type of  project you are working on, these tiles will add beauty and style.  Decorative tile is also often used in commercial buildings, such as office buildings, community centers, hotels, hospitals and restaurants.  In commercial settings, decorative tile accents can help to set the theme of the project.

Making your selection can sometimes be a challenge because of the variety and application of these tiles.  Our local tile staff in Florida will assist you in making the selection that suits your style. Once you have made your selection, your tile will be shipped directly to you via Hassell Free Shipping, Inc.

For more information please email us at info@hassellfree.com