Tile is a beautiful building material that adds value to any building.  Ceramic and porcelain tile are widely used in both residential and commercial applications.  Hassell Free offers a wide selection of tile from numerous vendors to meet your needs.

Porcelain tile and ceramic tile have different features. Porcelain tiles are never glazed and have a more natural appearance.  Ceramic tiles can be glazed in a wide range of colors. Ceramic tile is made from natural clay, sand and water. These materials are molded to form square or rectangular tiles and then baked in a kiln to remove most of the moisture. Porcelain tile is also made from clay but uses a denser type of clay than ceramic. Porcelain tiles are baked at very high temperatures for long periods of time so that almost all the water is removed. This longer drying time makes porcelain tile much harder and denser than ceramic.

There are many uses for both of these tile types.  Porcelain tiles have a lower moisture content making them great for  indoors and outdoors.  They are resistant to cracking and will not break easily due to the elements.  Ceramic tiles have a higher moisture content and should only be used indoors.

The most durable of the two tiles is porcelain.  It lasts much longer than ceramic making it great for flooring and areas of the home that get a lot of wear.  Ceramic tiles are less durable, but they make up for this by being very beautiful and very easy to work with.  Many homeowners will choose Ceramic for a DIY project because they are super easy to install.  Porcelain, on the other hand, is harder to work with and you will need special cutting tools to properly install them.

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